Completed Projects - Finally!

First I had promised to complete the wall hanging garden in the Sunbrella Essex Ivy fabric. Here it is finished and hung on the gate. It was made from one yard of awning fabric that was not easy to sew. I only made two pockets and used grommets on the bottom to secure to the fence since the wind gets behind it and blows it like a kite. I took a dowel and two old door knobs for the top and stained them brown and then secured to the fence. The flowers are faux for now as I will be getting some mums for the fall but it is too early since it is still warm and muggy. I think it looks great and covers up the somewhat ugly chain link fence gate! This is a double gate so I may make one for the other side!

Second I made two necklaces this weekend as well. One from an old belt with some nice blue beads and the other was made from ten beaded bracelets that had lost the elasticity and added a brand new orange flowered disc pendant. They were very easy and now I want to take apart all my jewelry and make new items. I feel as though I am recycling, it cost me zero dollars and about one hour of my time!


  1. those sre cute love the orange one so chic and fab


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