A Lost Trade

I will be out town for few days so my post maybe nonexistent or sparse. I am off to a US Open Tennis Series event. I have been playing tennis since I was eight years old and I still love the sport although now I only play maybe one or two times a year. I grew up with tennis courts in my backyard, they weren't ours,but belonged to the the local college so they became my playground. I grew up playing tennis on those courts and eventually taught tennis there as well. I taught mostly to children and at times I felt that it was not worth the $10 an hour I charged. One little boy took no instruction and hit the ball as hard as he could as if he was playing baseball. I think I lost more tennis balls over the fence that year than all my years playing. I taught tennis all thru college summers and a few after college,but by then my desire to play and teach was starting to wain. I had been on the tennis court for a large part of my life and didn't seem fun any longer so it was time to move on. I am now a spectator and still love the game just further from the court. Oh and yes, this is me playing tennis in college,not in the US Open Series!


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