Midweek Reflection - Talent

Everyone has a talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads. - Erica Jong

I have often wonder about talent and how it relates to ones vocation. I wondered if every person where doing what they loved to do,what would this world be like. I think it might be quite different from our society today. This idea first came to me when I was working at a jewelry store after college while searching for the "REAL JOB". One of my many responsibilities was to take the days checks to the bank(a short walk from the store). At the bank there was a lovely teller who was pleasant and very timid. She always seemed like she really didn't belong there and very uncomfortable in her surroundings. My mind took over and developed numerous scenarios of why she was working at the bank and what her talent were and what she should be doing. It made me think about my own life at the time and how completely lost I was. To follow what your true talents are, like the statement above, to the dark place of acceptance and realization is scary. I often think of the starving artist reference. How could one follow their talent and not be able to live? Well what is living? I guess if your work is your art and the you commit yourself to it and you live. You find ways to make it work. So what is you talent and are your denying it's relevance in your life? I think sometimes I push it aside and tell it to stop bothering me so much. Maybe I should take the journey it the dark place and see what happens.... Obiviously mine is not writing or writing about it!


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