Weekend Projects

I have been wanting a messenger bag for awhile now and it would be great for an upcoming trip. Then I saw this great pattern and thought I would make one this weekend. Problem is I still have not finished the hanging wall garden in the Sunbrella Essex Ivy fabric. As well as I would have to find just the right fabric for it and that will take some rigourous searching. I also would like to make a few pieces of jewelry. I took apart a beaded belt I have had for probably ten years and it yielded some really nice beads,so that will be on the project list as well. Lastly this will be a project for the winter I presume, Amy Butler's, August Fields Duvet Cover. It is made out of 19 different fabrics and I am sure I more than enough in my leftover pile. Too many projects once again, Okay I promise to finish one this weekend and post some photos next week!


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