Art,art,art and more art and I don't mean your Uncle

I am setting myself up for the weekend to complete a few art projects and since I have an extra day and why art, I mean why not. The welcoming of my two new nephews will be taking up most of my time, so I will have to squeeze it in between. Inspired by Home & Haven post yesterday and the fabulous t-shirts from JCrew, I will be attempting to create one out of materials I have left over from other projects. This could be art or it might turn in to a dust rag,we'll see. I would also like to produce some paintings and submit work to Monday Artday, Blogger of Note this week, and see if I am worthy of being included in this Art community. I will be working on some paintings to include in my portfolio to demonstrate my so called talent and use this lovely sunrise painting as inspiration. And I love this tissue cover and it needs to be made in a very bold and geometric pattern to keep it looking modern, otherwise it could look like a homemade project gone wrong. So Labor Day Weekend has become Art Weekend and not your Uncle.


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