Being Nice

I recently returned form vacation in North Carolina, where I discovered some super nice people. It was in Carolina Beach to be exact where we have been renting a house for a couple of years each fall. Each year the sleepy beach town seems to change just a little with new restaurants and businesses. This year two new places (one old, just changed a little) have become our favorites since we enjoyed the food and the nice people who own  and run them. One is the Tree House Bistro, which is part coffee shop and part wine bar, doesn't get any better. They  have excellent flat breads and a cheese trays both I can't stop dreaming about. The second is The Surf House Cafe.  Fresh and organic food that is so tasty that your body will thank you for eating and crave to go back. It's unique little place that combines a surf shop and cafe as wells as has surf movies one night a week. There were also numerous other nice people in this beach town that helped make our trip wonderful so thank you for being so nice!


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