Pumpkin Cream

I think it is going to be Pumpkin Cream. Here is what they look like on the wall.

The Pumpkin Cream is much more saturate with red and a richer color. The Bronze Tone now looks to peach and I definitely do not want that. Now on the the other walls. The color on the walls now is Ralph Lauren Sahara and it is a flat paint that shows every single finger print and is impossible to clean. I would like a color similar but possibly lighter. Here are a few colors in the gold/orange family that might work.
or I am looking a at a light version of what is currently in the room.

But still not sure this will look good or not. I don't want the no wall to be to light and non-color that it disappears or makes the room look off balanced. Okay need to make the decision before the weekend is over, so wish me luck!


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