Photo Wall Mistake

I have been struggling with a photo wall for a few days now since I don't want to make a decorating mistake. Then I came across this photo in DIY Magazine Winter 2009 that makes me relax and think that it will all be okay if I just put a little thought and time into it. I have purchased several frames this week for a photo wall over our bed. I have six prints that I would like to use but I don't think they all will fit. So I will either use three or five to keep in the odd looks better than even rule. My first attempt was a sleek silver frame with white matte. Well it just didn't look right with the dark wood of the bed and the antique look of the prints. Second attempt, I bought two similar but different frames with an antique copper tone look to them. They both look good although one is larger (and more expensive) and I would only need three. The other one is smaller and I could do three or five depending on the placement or if I wanted to add some other items for visual interest. This will keep my mind completely occupied for the next few days until I have some time to lay it out. For now I will just keep looking at the whole article to calm me down.


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