The Reading List

I write down titles of books that I would like to read but never seem to get to all of them. Recently I just finished The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. It was a interesting book that taught me more about the Masons, but I found it lacking something that Mr Brown's last two books had. It was if the book started to get very interesting in the middle and then seemed to drag along until the end. I can say that it almost felt the the book was specifically written to be a movie someday. I also have another of Dan Brown's Digital Fortress on the reading list. Picked this up on a whim and it about code breaking. I find that his lesser know books are better than his super best sellers (AKA Angels & Demons). Lastly is Power Failure, which I will request from the library at some point, is about Sherron Walkins who was an Enron whistleblower. It is her account of what happened at Enron. It peaked my interest after saw a documentary on Enron and how it made me think that life is stranger than fiction at times. Well that is it for the reading list, there are a few more on the list but I will save those for another post.


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