Christmas Card Revealed

The cards have been in the mail now for a few days and I am pleased with the results, with exception to the  amount of glitter that they shed. I started with a photo an ornament (Santa is a special Swedish ornament) and then uploaded it to Martha Stewart Living for glitter advice. I could have glittered the entire card but I would have had to started them 6 months ago. I used just one color to highlight and now looking at them I think I might have printed the photo in black and white and then accented with color. Oh well, a thought for next time. Next I adhered them to card stock and secured with a ribbon and double sided tape. Another thought is that I could have made a note inside the card that it could have been cut out and used as an ornament. Yet again, a thought for next time. All in all I think they came out very festive and hopefully not too messy!


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