Christmas Ornaments

I have been giving and receiving Christmas ornaments for my whole life. When I was young I made most of my ornaments and gave them to friends and family. The tradition came from my mother who always gave ornaments as gifts. They usually all had a special meaning or note on why she had given them.Every year I open them up and remember her and her special way of making Christmas so special for all of her five girls. This time of year is sometimes tough for me since I miss her and see her in every ornament she gave me. Over the years I have stopped making ornaments due to lack of time and lack of appreciation of receivers. Not everyone likes a homemade gift I guess? But this year I am making two ornaments for two special boys. I can't show you the photo until after Christmas but they are going to be very cute (I think). It is one more thing to add to my list before the holidays, but I don't care since I enjoy the pressure to get things done!


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