Day off

My day off yesterday was wonderful. I completed about 20 Christmas cards and finished some decorating. After decorating for the Holidays and re-decorating our living room, it is as though we can not stop. Now I feel like our kitchen needs a freshening up and I fear I will need to do it before the Holidays! I had framed Woody Jackson prints in these Black frames for probably 10 years. I love the color and the theme, but it is time to move on. I had recently printed some images from Vintage Printables and was going to use them in our living room but they did not work, but they do work quite nicely in the Kitchen. Now I just have to incorporate some green into the space with a new curtain and pillows for a bench. More projects for the list!


  1. What, no sneak peak at your fabulous cards? Like every year, can't wait to see them!

  2. I just read this after i posted the card Image. You will not be getting this one since the other two are much nicer!


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