'Tis The Season

I have been thinking about consumerism this holiday season and how many in this nation are shopaholics with the credit card debt to prove it. It's like shopping is a hobby for some just to fill the time or a void. I have been a vicitum of it as well. I do like to shop too but it is mostly with a list and a purpose now. When looking for gifts I put a lot thought into it and years ago when I could not find that special gift I would make it with something I had or some inexpensive materials. My recent holiday dilemma was to find a unique gift bag and I just could no find anything worth my dollar, so I made this special little bag for my niece. It took 10 minutes and 2 pieces of felt and some left over ribbon. I think it looks great and she can use it as a decoration in the years to come. It's back to were I came from that a hand made gift means more. It's one of kind and special. So 'Tis the Season to give Handmade!


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