Countertop Re-do

Years ago when we remodeled our kitchen I had seen an article on painting a countertop. I was in the process of painting the cabinets and asking alot of questions about paint so I thought I would ask at the paint store what they thought about painting a countertop. They told me don't do it unless it is the last resort since it will never hold up to water. I decided to live with them since they weren't that bad. Now this week I got the Lowe's Creative Ideas Magazine and what do I find! This add for Countertop Transformations kit. Looks like it would be easy and similar to the garage epoxy floor kit. I have not researched it at all and have no idea what the price is, but the results look pretty goof. My fear is if you mess it up then your stuck and probably would have to replace the whole countertop. Hmm.. not sure if I want to try this one yet. Has anyone tried this yet?


  1. My friend had someone do it for her. This woman had done her own (this was her 2nd time). Quite honestly, it looked like a bad 1980's faux finish. I'm sure someone more experienced or with a better esthetic could make it look better. The countertop is a beige. It started with a black which, in my mind looked so much better. Several colors of beige are then sponged on top. Veining is added, then two coats of clear poly. 80's faux finish.


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