Craft Room Project Table

Not that a need a craft room project table but this idea was too good not to share and keep for my possible future file.  It come from Workbench magazine that I picked up at the library this weekend after returning a book. It's a nice little magazine that as of August 2009 has no advertisements!  This is from their April 2009 issue and creating a hobby room on a budget. I really was drawn to the high craft table since I have seen similar items for $800 in catalogs. Not that is not a budget. To create this table they used 4 Closetmaid Organizers for the legs and 2 piece of MDF for the surface. Add a little paint an peg board and you have a counter height craft table. I have yet to research how much this would actually cost to complete, But the Closemaid pieces range from $15-$25 each, So would guess this would cost less than $300 to complete. Not bad and alot less than $800.


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