Card Stock and Fabric

My Niece will be 15 years old in a little less then a week and every year I try to make her a fun card. Last year I placed photos of her from when she was little into the center of paper flowers and made a Shawna Garden.....

Now this year I wanted to make a card just as special and maybe not as embarrassing(to her anyway). This year it was going to be different. Wandering around a craft store, I sometimes try to get ideas and different ways to use things. I came across wooden sayings,but they didn't have a Happy Birthday but they had Celebrate but looked like Celebnate because of the wood lettering. So I passed and decided on "Smile" instead. I painted the Smile pink and adhered it to card stock with a piece of my lovely scrap fabric and the card was done. No envelope needed since I just tied it to the top of a reusable shopping bag(that some how matched the scrap fabric!) and it was done...

I think it looks great and it could be framed and used as wall art. Now I will have to start thinking about next year!


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