Cold Hands mean Spring is Near

It is still winter here in the northeast and spring can not come to soon. But it seems like it might be spring in my office since it feels like they have turned the air on for the summer. So sitting at your computer can get awfully cold. We had discussed in the office about buying snuggies or sleeping bags to keep us warm, but I came up with this idea to keep our wrist and hands cold but still be able to type. These hand warmers are a free pattern from and are called the Yoshimi Hand Warmer. They are pretty simple to make with the exception of the sewing of the thumb. It is pretty tight and have to be careful since the seam allowance are rather small as well. I made them in this leftover purple fleece as a test run to see how they fit. I would make them shorter on the wrist and longer on the hand. Also would increase the seam allowance since they are slightly tight in the palm of my hand. Otherwise a great quick gift. I will be showing them off at the office and taking orders!


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