Craigslist Etiquette

I have had two recent situations on Craigslist that make me wonder if there is any selling etiquette on this website. I am aware that everyone has different schedules and may not be timely in emailing you back. These things I understand but the following two I do not. First item: Wooden Wine bar. A gorgeous piece that had a craved front and two side areas for wine. Vintage,perfect and at $35 a steal. It was more like a wine credenza and would have work beautifully in my living room. Emailed to see if was still available, it was at 9 am. I was on my way out to an appointment and I emailed and said I would call her at noon to schedule a pick up. When I called her at noon, she said that someone was coming to pick it up at 2 and if I could be there before 2 I could have it.Wait didn't you already sell it to me?Needless to say I did not get it. Second Item: Wing Back Chair. Needed to be reupholstered but I was up to the challenge. Emailed was it still available, two days later yes. Okay I would like one, two days later I got this response. "We have had numerous inquires on these chairs and they will be available for viewing and purchase on Sunday from 2-4 pm at this address. It will be first come first serve." I thought about this and I am sure there were 10 people staking out the house well before 2pm like early birds at a garage sale. I understand that people just want to sell stuff and get rid of it and it is probably rare that they have repeat customers,so it doesn't matter how they conduct their sales. I guess I'm just disappointed since I have lost out on two great items and need a set of clear cut rules on how these sales work. I will just have to remember that the next time and make sure to ask the seller what their Craigslist etiquette is before I commit to an item or maybe just go look on Ebay.


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