Keychains Worth the Wait!

Awhile back I posted that I liked these keychains ($95!) and would like to make them for business associates for Christmas gifts. Well it didn't quite happen that quickly since I got the idea in the middle of December and just ran out of time. Well I finally finished them and they are either belated New Year's gifts or belated Ground Hog Day gifts. Label them as you will, they are a gift and they are done. I work for a leather company so the leather is from scraps in our sampling department. I have a leather/jean needle on my sewing machine and it worked amazingly on the leather. It was somewhat difficult on the curved letters but I finally figured it out after only ruining two letters. I used just a white top stitch and put some white or brown felt on the back and then trimmed the felt close to the seam on the back. Added a jump ring for keys and they were finished. They took me about an hour to finish. I think they look great and will adhere them to a front a a plain card and mail to my associates. A gift a little late but worth the wait!


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