Recycling with a Message

I came across this piece about Pam Longobardi in Coast Living  Feb 2010 and how she travels the world collecting coastal debris. She then uses this debris in art with a message about it's impact on the world. The photo of a her is from Hawaii with fishing nets that she will use in an installation. There colors are beautiful and have been softened by the water and salt, but also they are not beautiful since they are not biodegradable. It is a interesting message and you can see her work at and order her book due out in the fall. I wonder, Could we all make art out of debris? Let me know..


  1. I believe so and you are a real proof of that.
    You use things that are considered old, but give them a new beautiful life and for me that's art. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog it's very cool.

    Kelly from Canada


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