Valentine's Day Gift

My husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's day but this year a request for cookies from him happened to occur around Valentine's day. We recently replaced a 25 year old oven and this would be the first time I would be testing it out. I wanted to make something special,so I decided to make Almond spritz. Well to make them you need a cookie press which I did not own. I remember my mother having one that was made of metal and you had to twist a plunger like apparatus to push the cookie dough thru the shape disk. Of course some 30 years later, they are now made of plastic and have a gun like handle. It was super easy to use and my oven worked fabulously,if not a little too hot. Still getting use to how it works as you can see from a few burnt cookies. But the cookies came out great and I got a new cookie press and my husband got cookies. Next on the list is crackers!


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