From The Scrap Bag Part 3

We live in a 30+ year old house, built in the early '70's and it seems like it is still settling. It creaks and makes noises every so often and the bedroom doors just don't like to stay open. I have a wonderful draftsman's weight that I use for one of the doors, but was in a desperate search for another. When I decided just to make one. To the scrap bag I went..
Selected this small remnant and cut 6 Four inch squares..

Then sewed them together in to a "T" and then started at the out side square and started to sew them to each other to get my square.
Turned it right side out and now I have a square that needs to be weighted..

I filled the square about 1/3 of the volume with stones like these..
Filled the rest with fiber fill and sewed up the corner. And now I have the finished result placed in it's new spot..

Simple and easy and took me about 1/2 hour and the hardest part was cutting the squares. I assume that you could cut the squares smaller and fill the entire piece with stones. I might make a few more since I have lot of scraps!


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