Frugal Re-Fashion for $2.99

I love clothes and can never have enough, even though I have a closet full. I also like to find a good bargain too, so sometimes theses two things I love don't always converge. But recently I found this yellow and white striped top at the Salvation Army.

 It was $2.99 and from inspection it looked to be brand new. I picked this up with a couple other items that I would also like refashion.(blog on those at a later date). I decided to add just a small detail to the front that cost me nothing and would make it look fresh and new.

With just a little bit of muslin fabric and a quick basting stitch and you have a cute ruffle that makes the shirt look extra special and only cost $2.99. Please stay by the blog since I have many more ideas like this to re-fashion/recycle your closet!


  1. Looks great, Janet! You beat me to the thrift store re-furb! I see ruffles and frills EVERYWHERE now and LOVE them. I almost drooled all over myself swooning over the gorgeous throw pillows at Pier 1! I think I want to try my hand at your ruffles on my bibs/burp cloths. A shabby chic baby product line? That's just one of my gazillion ideas! ;)

  2. Yeah those pillows at Pier 1 are lovely.I have two other items to emblish! Lets see how they turn out!


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