Healthy Home

In the April 2010 issue of This Old House, there is an article on how to make every room of your home healthier. After reading it I thought I would try some of the suggestions. The first and easiest was to replace our vinyl shower curtain liner with a washable nylon liner. The vinyl shower curtains give off  phthalates which can be hazardous and they also have a strong plastic smell.
I purchased in mine in white at Bed,Bath and Beyond for $12.99. It says it is water, mold resistant and machine washable. It is very nice and two things I noticed at first. One is that it is a lighter weight than the plastic and much easier to open the two curtains together. Second is that it is much quieter! The water hitting the plastic was much louder and now the shower is more calming and less noisy. Not sure if that was what was meant by a healthier home, but less noise it healthier too. I would highly recommend purchasing one since it already has made a huge difference.


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