Heritage,Horse & a Pillow

Many years ago my Grandfather travelled to Sweden for a trip for family research. His ancestors where from Sweden and he had found living relatives that he went to visit. Being only 6 years old, the only thing that I remember from his return where the numerous slides I had to sit thru and the Lovely Little Dala horse that I received.

 I thought I would be getting wooden shoes (I guess I thought he was going to Holland) and I didn't like the red color of my horse at the time. My sisters had received either white or blue and I thought they were much prettier. But with much research later, I learned that red is the traditional color and it is a reminder of him and his desire to learn and know more about his family and his home country. My Mother also carried on the traditions by cooking Swedish dishes and Celebrating Swedish holidays. Sometimes I feel as though I have not carried on the traditions or further explored my heritage but again I feel like these thoughts and stories are my way of carrying them on. So to honor my Heritage I will attempt to create this Scandinavian Style Pillow and give it a place on honor in my Home.

It will look fantastic next to my 35 Year old horse and reminded me of my Heritage.


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