Palm Fronds Fabric

All of last year I searched for fabric with a palm fronds pattern. I scoured the web and auction sites looking for exactly the right fabric for a few projects. I never found it and settled for something else. And then this past week I get a flyer in the mail from Calico Corners and there it is. About a year late and a few more dollars that I would have liked to spend,but it was exactly what I had envisioned for pillows for our patio. I think I will save the flyer awhile just in case I change my mind or if I get a windfall on money.


  1. Dear Janet,
    I'm very sorry to tell you that this fabric--Congo OD in color Palm Frond--was discontinued by our vendor some months ago. I don't believe that Calico Corners has used this image on any promotional pieces for quite a while. There are a number of other palm patterns that you may like:
    Katonah OD, color Mist - $14.99/yd.
    Seabrite OD, color Coral - $12.99/yd.
    Pineapple Party OD, color Cafe - $22.99/yd.
    Capri OD, color Meadow
    New Leaf, color Cardinal (not an outdoor fabric)

    There are other tropical designs that feature palm trees or other botanicals not mentioned here that you may find on the website at and certainly in the stores across the country. Happy decorating!

  2. Thanks Jan for your comments. I actually got this flyer just last week with this fabric in it. I will go and check those other items you mention and thanks again for your comments!


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