Before and After Garden Sun

I hang Terra Cotta Suns on my house for the summer and this year I was contemplating possible finding some other item to hang. Well I decided just to change the suns a little by painting them dark brown to bring out their features. Here is the before of one:
I purchased this years ago at the Dollar Store and went back and bought about 4 more in different designs. Here is is after being painted with Patio Paint in Woodland Brown. Promises not to fade and is water-resistant. Here is the after:

It is a bit shiny for me and I may take a some sandpaper to it and possibly expose some of the Terra Cotta below. But I think it really changes the look and will match my new planters quite well. I will certainly post photos of finished project once the planters are planter. It should only be about 4 weeks away now!


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