HGTV Green Home

Have you entered to win the HGTV Green Home. I love the whole house but if I could just win two of the rooms in it I would be happy. The first room is the Laundry room.
I know, what is wrong with me? This would be my first choice? Why. Well I think it is because my laundry room is a vast black hole where un-needed furniture goes to wait for a home. This room is so clean and bright and I love the use of the Red appliances. I see these everywhere on sale and think..who would want red? Now I see why!
The second room is the cute little office in the Tower of the house.

You could sit and read or work and enjoy the view. The choice of colors is also a nice calming mix in brown and blue. So go to and see the rest of the house and enter to win. I will be entering and if I win I guess I will take the whole house,not just a few rooms!


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