Robo Bunnies

Awhile back I saw this ad for some odd looking felt animals and I thought they were cute but a little too strange for me.
The more I looked at them, the more they looked like robots to me. Then lighting struck me and I came up with an idea for Robo Bunny. Just a simple pattern like the one above, but more rabbit shaped. I drew out the pattern on craft paper and selected a nice homespun plaid. Next some white felt for the face and ears and I was ready to cut out the shapes. Sewed wrong sides together and zig zag stitched the ears and face to the front and they became ROBO BUNNIES...

They look a little odd but so am I so I think they're cute. Maybe their ears could be a little shorter and the white area a little narrower. You really can't see their whiskers, but they have them. So just a few notes for the next time I return to the laboratory to create another set of Robo Bunnies!


  1. I love the robo-bunnies and I know 2 other tiny people that do too!


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