Seeing Orange

After painting part of my living room orange last year, I am starting to see the color everywhere. Take these two ads for paint. My favorite paint Benjamin Moore, shown in this photo, I swear is the same color I selected.
I wonder if it is the same color but there is no footnote on the ad, But these where my selections:
Pretty close to Pumpkin Cream which is top center. I might have to email them and ask just for my own curiosity.
Then in a different magazine I saw this color from Sherwin Williams. In their add they show the color name in the corner. I think I like this color too it is a little more subtle but would have considered it as well. Colors are Acorn 9-25 and Glacier Sand 11-21.

I love the dark brown with the orange and this would have be a great combination as well for my living room. But it was completed over 6 months ago and I can honestly say I really do love the color. I am glad that other people are now seeing Orange.


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