Another Project Completed

Backa few weeks ago, I pick up these flocked adhesive wall decals at TGMax/Home Goods for $5.99.
I thought they were interesting and would make a good project. I thought they were a good deal and when I saw them at another store for $19.99! I knew I found a good deal.

After laying them out I thought I wanted to adhere each of them to piece of dark stained scrap wood. But that got complicated with the size and how to hang each so I opted for a different solution. I bought two black frames 10" x 13" with mats at Michael's for $3.99 each.
Awesome deal since they were on sale for $4.99 plus 20% off. They are a nice basic frame and come in a variety of sizes and mat configurations. Take the back out and insert.
They were slightly long for the frame so a little trimming was necessary, but I think they look great and each cost about $7.00 to complete.

They are nice accent to my Mother-In-Laws red sofa and look lovely against the sage green wall. 


  1. You mean she has something on her walls that isn't Home Interiors, circa 1984? Haha! They look lovely!!


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