Garden Plantings Completed!

After weeks of planning and waiting for the weather to improve, my garden planters are completed. At my front door I had these planters for the past few years..
I like them but wanted to change to color of them since they didn't match the over all color scheme that I wanted to achieve. I decided to paint them brown and add a few interesting flowers.

This is what they look like now. I painted them with Rust-Oleum Universal Flat Espresso brown spray paint and it worked fantastic. The Purple flower is Mealycup Sage with orange Zinnias and Yellow Lantana. I have used all of these before except the Sage, so I will be excited to see how it performs. 

By my side door and garage I choose large planters and a different selection of plants. This time I used Meadow sage,Yellow Dahlias,Silver Fog Euphorbia and Purple Mosaic Verbena. 

I like the combination of purples,yellows and whites since it compliments the Sunbrella Essex Ivy Panel that I placed behind the terra cotta suns (also painted brown). It was a very good weekend and I accomplished all this and my other gardening as well. Now comes the really fun part of watching it all grow!


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