Greenhouse Visit

Last Friday I made my annual trip to the Greenhouse for my summer plantings. I have been going to the same place every year and I am never disappointed with the selection.
They have nice entrance with plants,pots and various garden decorations to choose from.

All the plants are large and have several blooms on them and it was hard for me to choose which I was going to use. I think I spent about 2 hours wandering and looking.

 I stuck to my list and only bought what I needed for my planters. The have some very interesting pots and items for the garden. These ceramic gazing balls and matching planters caught my eye but decided against buying one for now.

My shopping done and plants selected,now all I have to do is fit them in my car and get them home and planted.
I bought a nice selection of plants in purples,yellows and whites. They should look striking with by brown planters and terra cotta suns. It was a perfect day at the Greenhouse.


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