Jewelry Affair

I have a small love affair with jewelry. I am not really sure how it started but I just know it is part of my DNA. I worked for a time in a jewelry store and thought about becoming a jeweler. I really enjoyed learning about all the stones and now jewelry was made. For the store I worked in, I repaired pearl and beaded necklaces and that was the best part of the job,being able to create or recreate these items for customers. I still create a few things here and there but nothing like these that I found in W June 2010.

The colors and the style are so unique and stunning. This is so far from my ability to string a few beads in a design. These are works of art that I will just have to appreciate from a far.

This set of loveliness in tones of blue and purple really stole my heart. They have the look of beautiful estate pieces with modern accents. They are feminine and bold at the same time. I gaze with adoration and respect at these wonderful designs for days. Luckily they are out of my price range with the least expensive at $2900, so I will look at them for inspiration for a possible jewelry creation of my own.


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