Painting Quandary

I have a file of images of paintings that I like. Some I have tried to recreate and have been unsuccessful and others I have come close. Only problem that I have with this is that I am copying someone else's work. I guess I could call in inspiration or inspired by but I still think it is stealing another's idea. So I am caught in a quandary, should I attempt to paint them or buy them? Here are two examples that I just came across in the new Grandinroad catalog.
I love the colors and the height of this piece. It is 5' tall and 20"wide. It is called On the Right Path and would be perfect for a narrow space. It's part print,part painting so it is relatively inexpensive at $179.

Then there are these two Abstracts that I am drawn to. I think it might be the colors and the lovely indigo blue in both and the leather chair. The contrast with the white and the very vibrant colors are also specially appealing. They are the perfect pair for some spot in my house, I just know it! They are also affordable at $99 since they are the same technique as above. Not sure if they will be part of home or a possible painting project at this point. For now they are a just a painting quandary.


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