Plant Planning

Every year in the middle of May I make my way to the greenhouse to buy my plants for the season. The day is hastily approaching and luckily I have thoughtfully planned out my purchases. First I take a look at all the flowers that I have bought in the past. You see I save those little information sticks from each plant and make notes on how they grow and bloom.

This is just a sampling of what I have bought in years past and many duplicates. The next year I make a shopping list in my notebook for each set of pots. I take the information sticks and place them right next to the list so I can visually see that I want to buy. This was the shopping for 2009 for Medium pots near my front door. 

Sad to say that I do not have a photo of what they looked like. They were quite beautiful but I did not go with the Dahlia since they get rather bushy and so went with a Zinnia in a gold color. This years shopping list was complied until I had a pre-visit to the greenhouse and saw some other plants I would like to use.
I have already purchased the Cupid's Dart and the Speedwell Veronica and have been planted in my garden as they are perennials. The Stock and Phlox are very bright and may attract butterflies so I may use them in the backyard. Okay, so I have my list and my plans,now I just have to wait for Friday to get here so I can start this projects. I have had enough plant planning!


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