Rainy Weekend

After this week being so sunny and warm, looks like the weekend will be rainy and warm, so I guess I will have to get a few non-garden projects started or done. First on the list is this apron pattern from the you can make this website. This is for work colleague that is retiring in July, so I have time,I think.
I rarely attempt clothing and have only gotten half way thru of a dozen patterns for skirts and pants in my life. If my niece is reading this she will remember a pair of pants I tired to make her years ago and when she put them on the ripped! So I am hoping that this is easier and I won't get to frustrated with it so quickly. It only takes a half yard of fabric and there is not too much crazy sewing.So Maybe I can handle it. Second on the list is to play with my new camera between the rain drops. Maybe a visit to local park,art museum or maybe just my backyard, to get the feel of this amazing piece of equipment.

Lastly is to plant some Pepper and Roman Lettuce in pots. I don't like to put them in the ground since we have our grass sprayed and just don't like the thought of all those chemicals in the ground water.
Last years bounty.. Hopefully this year will be as good! Enjoy and have lovely weekend!


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