Before and After Garden

My garden is growing like crazy this spring with all the warm weather. This is a before photo of a Lily.
The flower pods look like coconuts with their somewhat fuzzy exterior. I wasn't sure what the color of the flowers were and was excited to see them open. The pods kept getting bigger and bigger and started to turn a dark burgundy. Everyday I would check it and it still had not opened yet.Then it finally opened.
It is the most lovely color of red. The color actually looks like red velvet cake. It is stunning and there are three more flowers ready to open. I have several more in my garden and can't wait to see them bloom as well. The new camera keeps amazing me with the detail that is captures specially with close ups. More photos to come of the garden and other things this summer. Happy Friday and have a great weekend.
PS: I have some projects in the works for the weekend!


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