Bringing Wimbledon into My Home

Wimbledon started this week and I could not be be anymore excited. I think I love this tournament more than the others just for the traditions and the history. After the three day match between Isner and Mahut I wonder what other excitement is in the waiting. I love Tennis but don't have any Tennis inspired decor in my home. I never was quite sure how to incorporate my love for the game, until I saw this bedroom in Country Living June 2010.
The rackets are used as art! A very subtle way to salute my favorite sport. I love the color combinations  of Olive green and Grey which add to the overall peaceful feeling of the room. I think this would be a great idea for a guest bedroom in a cottage. The next image is also from Country Living 2010 and for some reason reminds me of Wimbledon as well

I think the colors remind me of the green grass, strawberries cream,tennis whites and tan arms and legs. This is the perfect porch to relax on after a long match of tennis. Possibly watching a little Wimbledon on a flat screen hidden out of sight and sipping a long cool beverage. After studying these images I think I can bring a little Wimbledon into my home. Enjoy...


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