Earthquakes and Other Excitement

Mother Nature caused a bit of excitement here yesterday. We had an earthquake,well not exactly here, it was 378 miles away just outside Ottawa,Ontario,Canada and was a 5.0.
It happened at about 1:41 pm Est and was felt as far away as West Virginia and New York City. There has been no damage reported but caused quite a buzz of excitement.

 I was at my desk at work and occasionally a large truck driving by or the operation of a piece of equipment in our warehouse will make the floors or walls rattle for a few seconds and at first this is what I thought it was. But when I looked up, we have a high industrial like ceiling with air ducts and pipes exposed, I could see the air ducts and roof rattling. This was a little scary since I thought it was going to shake lose, So I headed towards to the door. I was thinking that maybe something had hit the building. Then it it stopped, but the funny thing was the air ducts kept vibrating for at least 10-20 seconds after it hit. Scary and exciting at the same time.
Other excitement occurred when I arrived home to find that my addition samples from had arrived. Last week I had received two Zinnia samples and had forgotten to request some others that I was interested in. They came, once again wrapped in tissue with lovely ribbon and brad.

I love the presentation. The company that I work for sends also sends out samples as well wrapped in tissue. I always thought that maybe it would not be appreciated by our customers. But after receiving my fabric samples I think it expresses that someone cares enough about a beautiful product to wrap it and treat with care. The lovely sample that were in this tissue where:
Matchstick in Spring

Maple in Spring
I thought about using the previous samples on a tote bag or pillow but the matchstick I think would make a fun summer wallet. I will put that on my list and see if it ever gets done. But for now this was all the excitement I can handle for a Wednesday!


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