Everything is coming up Zinnias

It seems like Zinnias are everywhere this summer. If not in the garden then in a stencil motif for your home or beach going. I first noticed this lovely flower in DIY Magazine Summer 2010. Their  design in a day section covered Tropical stencils. They stenciled everything,chairs,tables and screens. The Zinnia stencil below was not shown on anything but would look great(I think) on a T-shirt, pillow or bedspread.
It's oversized and gorgeous in orange. It starts at $19.95 from cuttingedgestencils.com for the Small (12.5" across) and $32.95 for Medium (20" across) and $44.95 for Large (36" across). It would definitely make a statement in your home in any size
 The second Zinnia I found was in ReadyMade June/July 2010 and their piece on refurbishing furniture. I love the simple lines of this Zinnia stencil.

The contrast with the blue is very pleasing and you could apply this technique to any fabric chair. The best part of this stencil is that you can download it for free at readymade.com. Just cut it out and your ready to stencil. I think I might try this on a few projects and there might be Zinnias coming up everywhere in my home this summer!


  1. I just bought the rest of a bolt of fabric that looks like the first stencil. I have NO idea what I'm going to do with it (browns, oranges and greens on white) but I LOVED it and had to have it!

  2. It is everywhere! It would be cute as a bag or Apron too. I just love it. I am definately going to try and stencil it and then decide what to do with it.


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