Fabric Love - Lime Green

I feel as though I am bombarded with images of lovely fabric. They seek me out and lure me in with their interesting patterns and colors. And once again I am being beguiled by one of my favorite colors, lime green. I have used it in three rooms in my home and have yet to tire of it. I guess that is why I am always drawn to fabrics that use the color.
I am in love with these textiles from Lee Jofa called Seacloth.  The combinations and colors make me swoon and I love the somewhat abstract palm frond fabric, which I was searching for last year. They remind me a bit of Lily Pulizter dresses and clothing sans the bright pink and orange.

Bright and cheery they are and so suitable if you live in a warm or island climate year round. And then there is this image from Country Living Fabrics available at Calico Corners.

Now the combination of green and blue flowered fabric almost makes me ill I love it so much. My second favorite color is blue and the two colors together, well I just can't explain how much I love it. It would make a coverlet and possible a couple of pillows. Oh the possibilities and not enough time. I will just have to love you all from afar while I finish up some of my other projects. I love you Lime Green!

PS: Speaking of projects, I have completed 2 of my Zinnia projects previously mentioned in this blog. I will be posting them over then next few days!


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