Half way there

I sometimes feel like I get going on a project and I get half way thru and give up or I get distracted and start something new. This week has been all about that. I keep finding projects I would like to work on and let those that need to be finished sit in a pile. This Zinnia obsession needs to end and if I just would stop finding ideas like this from Cluckclucksew.com
There is a 24 page tutorial on this lovely pillow and I intend to try it sometime. I fear that I think,blog and talk to much about a project and get half way there then never really get much done. Same with this blog, I really don't show too many completed projects.So in this Friday June 11th I vow to finish more projects and show the results and not just take you half way there.


  1. That's such a gorgeous pillow! I hope you have fun making it. :)

    xx Love & Aloha
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