Just in Lime

While relaxing over the Holiday weekend, I got caught up on magazine and catalog browsing and came across a common them. Lime and colorblock! Looks like it is everywhere and seems to be the color of summer. I love it on these Lounge chairs from CB2 called Pucker Lounge chair.
I love it with the color block or what they call color map pillow in DNA. Just the right amount of color with a comfortable pillow. Similar in color and idea is the Crate & Barrel Spectrum quilt.
Once again the color block in a larger pattern, but still quite fun and summery with a hint of lime. It's not too funny that I am drawn to this color since I have it in three rooms in my home. Now all I have to do is incorporate the color block. I guess I better get my brain working on this idea and I will let you know what it comes up with, but for now I will just enjoy the images,just in lime for the summer.


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