Learning the New Camera

Over the long Holiday weekend, I tried to learn a little more about my new Canon camera. It is pretty amazing right out of the box but is definitely different then my point at shoot. One feature that I completely love is that you can take quick consecutive shots one after the other without waiting for the camera to recharge. My point at shoot has the problem with slow reaction time and was never able to catch all the action,like this fast moving storm photo that I took.
The sky was changing and the clouds where moving so fast that I thought I would not be able to catch the photo, but I did and this was actually taken thru a window so it still could have been even better (if there had not been lighting around).

This is a similar photo but seconds later and without zoom. Once again thru a window and which I think the colors could be better if it had not been thru a window, a note for next time.
 Next is the Memorial Day weekend bar shot.

I love this photo simply because of the composition. The colors and use of space are quite pleasing. I love the feet on the ottoman in the background and to me looks like an ad for liquor that you might see in a magazine. I don't like the cluttered table in the background since it is a bit distracting for the composition, so next time I will try to eliminate that type of background by looking beyond the subject. And lastly is a photo of my two twin nephews playing in their backyard.
I love this photo of the back of their red heads, but once again I have neglected the far background. The dog was partially out of frame so I cropped it just to focus on the boys. I noticed kid and pets move fast so the fast shutter speed and the more photos you take the better. Also getting down to their level. I was down on the ground almost looking up to take this and you get a better perspective on the subject. All of these things I learned I did read in my instruction booklet for my camera, but I had to experience them just to understand it. For now I will be snapping as many photos as possible over the next few months to improve my composition skills,But I can say that this camera is amazing and was the best Birthday gift!


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