New Uses for Canning Jars

With my magazine browsing I have found similar themes in all of them this week. The next is the use of canning jars. I use a canning jar for lose change but these ideas are much more creative than that. The first I saw in WorkBench,My Home/My Style,Weekend projects.
The jars are cut with a glass cutter and then the inside is sprayed with glass frost. Fitted with a pendant light fixture and your set with a new lights. All for about $20 if you have a glass cutter, if not you can buy one at for about $30. A worthy purchase if you want to re-use bottles.
 The second use comes from DIY Magazine Summer 2010 and is the same use as the above, but they did not cut the glass bottom out.

I think this is a rustic look and would not be very expensive to reproduce. This particular light you can buy at for $100-$125. They look to be antique bottles so this explains the cost, but you could still use newer jars and make them for less. 
The third idea comes from Readymade June/July 2010 and it a readers idea for candle light.

Pretty simple to make all you need is a hose clamp,wire and votive. If you don't have a hose clamp laying around you can buy one at any hardware store for $2-$4 each depending on the size. Votives are cheap,100 for $10 and wire, well you could use open up a wire hanger and use it for the handles. 
The fourth idea really is just a marketing play on words and images. It plays on our sense of trying to preserve our memories and what better way than in a canning jar and bringing them home.

Although this could be an actual idea, if you have a collection of photos from a vacation you could use the jar as a frame. Several jars with photos and maybe one with mementos from the vacation in another. Placed in a spot that you could enjoy after your trip. Maybe this is not just and ad but an idea for a craft? Okay I might have to try this one.
Enjoy all the ideas and let me know if you have tried any, I would be interested to see them!


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