Palm Tree Ottoman Cushion

A month ago or so I purchased two wicker ottomans for our patio at Pier One. They were a steal at $29.95 each,marked down from $99. The are the perfect companion to our two wicker lounge chairs.
They are perfect for resting your feet or they can be used as an extra seat. They have one tiny flaw although, the top is slightly concave and makes the ottoman just a little to low and hard on your feet. I went to Pier One and bought a cushion that I thought would fit, but it was too large. So next idea was to make one of course. First I started with some white foam, which is recycled packaging material and cut it into a circle.

The perfect circle traced from the bottom of a trash can (Thanks, David). Next was the fabric selection. I have about 6 yards of this palm tree fabric and little by little I am using it.
I bought on Ebay last year and have made Pillows and tablecloth (that I have used once, time to repurpose that) from it. I cut a circle about two sizes bigger than the foam and then sewed a hem around the edge to make a large drawstring like bag. Through the hem I strung a piece of ribbon and then inserted the foam. Pulled the ribbon tight and laced it through the top of the ottoman and tied into place from the bottom so it would not move. Now we have just enough cushion for your feet or your bum.

They look nice and can be removed and cleaned very easily and really cost me nothing since I had all the materials. Now after all that hard work it's time to sit down and enjoy my Palm Tree Ottoman cushion.


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