Relay for Life Luminaire

A friend is participating on the Relay for Life in a few weeks and to support her efforts I purchased a luminaire. They are to decorated for the event and can be lit in the memory of someone. I have had mine for a few weeks and have been trying to figure out what do with it and then finally an idea came to me.
I few weeks ago I picked up these paper stencils for .97 each at Joann's in the clearance section. They each have six stencils that can be used layered together or alone.

I wasn't sure at the time that I bought them what I would do with them, but I they were to good of a bargain to pass up. So first I took the Luminaire and opened it up along the seam of the bag. Pretty easy if you just take your time or you can use an exacto knife to help it along if the glue is strong. Then I laid it out flat on my work space and started to stencil.

I used the flower stencil twice, once in one color and then rotated it about 45 degrees and then stenciled another color. Then I used another leaf like stencil for the border. I thought I wanted to cover the whole bag with flowers but after laying it out, the space seemed to small for the idea. I let it dry and then glued it all back together. I wish I had had a glue stick for this step since crafty glue does not stick very quickly unless you hold it in place, but it worked no the less and Luminaire was back together.
I think it looks great and I should have done all the flowers in orange and yellow since I like the way the back looks.  They will light these at a ceremony during the Relay for Life and mine is in memory of my Father who died from Cancer 23 years ago yesterday. He loved to golf and garden with my mother and I tried to incorporate some of that in this Luminaire for him.


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