Recycled Window Photo Frame

I often see old doors and windows at the street on garbage day. Luckily there are people who snap them up before the end up in a garbage truck and then in a landfill. I have only garbage picked a few times but  never know what to do with things like windows and doors. I have seen old windows used as room dividers or just interesting piece of art,But in the recent issue of This Old House JulyAugust  2010 is project I think I can tackle. The idea was to use a window as a photo frame, nothing new but a slight upgrade on the idea.
A set of double hung windows that display old family photos that are mounted right behind the glass. The photos look as if they are floating since they are all the same size and color. A lovely display of old family photos that compliment each other.Another idea that the Magazine came up with was to mount the photos behind mats to give them a little more depth.

I think this is a great idea as well to make the photos all work together with the same color mats. I think I would have all the photo reproduced in black and white for more of an artsy feel.Possibly another idea would to paint the window as well if the wood was not in good condition. This project I might just try and now all I have to do is wait for the next garbage day and keep my eyes open for an old window. 


  1. Planning on using an old door or window for a headboard in our bedroom, whenever I can get my butt in gear to paint the room and tear out that hideous teal carpet! The more weathered looking, the better! I also always wanted an old window coffee table. You could change the images underneath whenever you wanted, or artisticly display kids artwork!

  2. Great Idea. I will have to remember that one!

  3. What did you use to adhere the pictures to the glass?


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