Works in Progress..1,2,3

I have made some progress on a few projects this past weekend. It's difficult to finish a single project when I have three or four in the works and about ten rolling around in my head. But here is what I have finished so far:
1. Stenciled three panels that will soon become pillow covers. This is a time consuming process since once they have been stenciled, they need to cure for 1 week and then can be made in to pillow covers.
2. A new project request from a coworker after she saw my scrap tote bag, asked if I could make her one. She provided the fabric and all I have to do is sew it together. This will have to wait for next weekend since I didn't even look at it until this morning.

3. Cutting of about 20-30 circles in felt for an attempt of the Zinnia pillow from last week. I am going to practice with the light blue felt left over from a previous project first to get my feet wet. Then I will try to put my own twist using the dark blue circles in the photo. I will let you know what material it is once I attempt the construction of the pillow. Should be pretty interesting and green!

So those are the works in progress, I like to think that I am finishing something, but each takes a little more time than I sometimes allow. But progress is progress no matter how small and I will keep you updated on the finished product of all.


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